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Oxygen Therapy

How it works

For your body

At the forefront of wellness technology, Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy is an advanced medical treatment that improves oxygen intake. This oxygen is then delivered at higher levels throughout your body – not only via red blood cells but by dissolving into all body fluids including the plasma, your central nervous system, bones, lymph fluids and more. 


The freshly oxygenated blood cells help to kill bacteria more efficiently (improving your immunity), reduce inflammation and replenish your skin’s appearance. Additionally, this extra oxygenated blood is more easily delivered to damaged/injured tissues with diminished circulation that require more attention to heal.

By delivering increased oxygen supplies throughout your body, this therapy can replenish your skin’s appearance and increase your mobility – providing an anti-aging effect.

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For your mind

The stress and anxiety associated with everyday life can hinder the amount of oxygen that you’re getting to your brain. Oxygen Therapy increases oxygen and blood flow in your brain which has been shown to dramatically enhance your energy levels, memory and mood and significantly reduce brain fog.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is contrast water therapy good for?
    Benefits include the soothing of sore muscles and joints, decreased anxiety and stress, reduced swelling, improved mobility and reduced pain. Plus, the magnesium from the pools that is absorbed through the skin helps to further aid muscle recovery by reducing soreness and inflammation.
  • How long should you stay in the magnesium pool?
    We recommend alternating between our hot and cold magnesium pools in four-minute cycles for three rounds. This means you could stay in the cold pool for four minutes, switch to the hot pool for four minutes and repeat this at least three times. With roughly 24 minutes in the pools, you could easily complete a full contrast water therapy session in just half an hour if you’re short on time.
  • What temperature are the pools?
    The temperature of our hot pools are set at 39 degrees celsius. Our cold pools are a cool 8 degrees celsius.
  • What is a magnesium pool?
    Our contrast water therapy magnesium pools differ from a regular swimming pool. They are designed specifically to treat a variety of conditions and elevate your recovery and wellbeing. The concept of hot and cold contrast therapy involves alternating between the hot and cold magnesium pools. It’s this contrast of temperature that causes your blood vessels to constrict and expand which increases blood circulation and reduces inflammation. The rapid blood flow carries extra oxygen and nutrients to your muscles to assist with repair, decrease pain and also increase your metabolism. Additionally, magnesium in the water is absorbed through your skin which helps to regulate optimal magnesium stores in your body – this further aids in muscle recovery; reducing soreness and inflammation.
  • Is there an age limit to use the pools?
    Yes - Children between 10-14 need adult supervision and we don't allow children under 10 years of age to use our services.
  • How long does a session go for?
    Each session is 45 minutes - including all the pools and steam room access


- Luke Innes, Gold Coast

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