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5 things you didn’t know about the healing power of colour (aka Chromotherapy)

It might sound a little woo-woo but this ancient practice is backed by science and has many surprising benefits.

Chromotherapy, or colour therapy, is the science of using colours to heal the physical, mental and spiritual body. It’s said that every hue has a unique vibrational frequency associated with different healing properties – from beauty to mood to medical.

Chances are you’ve already heard of Chromotherapy before. Blue light therapy is used widely to treat babies with jaundice – exposing infants to the colour blue works to break down excess bilirubin and cure them of the skin condition. The healing benefits of light and colour can be experienced by simply lying or sitting under the desired colour – it’s true!

Read on to discover five more interesting facts about Chromotherapy:

1. The history of colour medicine is as old as any other medicine

We’ll be the first to admit it – colour therapy does sound a little woo-woo. You might be surprised to know, colour has been used to treat ailments since 2000BC. Ancient Egyptian, Greek, Chinese and Indian cultures all used colour for its healing benefits.

The first known mention of the practice of traditional medicine dates back to around 2600BC.

Currently, Chromotherapy is used as a medical, complementary and alternative treatment option worldwide.

2. It’s actually backed by science

Chromotherapy is a legitimate medical term. Plenty of published material approves the use of colour treatment and the practice is widely accepted as a therapeutical tool with various medical applications.

The aim of the science of colour healing is to cure disease by restoring the normal balance of colour energies of the body.

Colour therapy has been most commonly used in the treatment of psychological disorders like SAD (seasonal affective disorder), anorexia and addiction and physiological disorders like ​​jaundice and arthritis.

3. Different colours affect our bodies in different ways

This is where it gets really interesting. Science has shown that exposing ourselves to different colours affects our bodies in different ways.

Feeling stressed? Go for blue or green. Want pain relief? Choose orange. Want to boost your immunity? Pick red or yellow.

Benefits you may experience with colour therapy are listed below:

Red light: Can activate and improve circulatory and nervous systems. Helps to relieve muscle soreness. Aids in the production of red blood cells and collagen cells. Helps fight against illnesses such as cold, flu, and pneumonia.

Orange light: Enhances overall mood. Can aid stomach and digestion issues, as well as asthma and bronchitis. Helps to relieve the pain of menstrual cramps and of gallstones and kidney stones.

Yellow light: Helps to reactivate and purify skin and reduces scar tissue. Can strengthen the immune system and relieve indigestion. Used to help treat asthma, bronchitis, epilepsy, mental and muscular disorders.

Green light: Can help to calm and relax the mind and relieve headaches. Aids in decreasing blood pressure. Gives the mind and body a sense of renewal, clarity, and peace.

Blue light: Shown to stimulate muscles and skin cells. Brings mental relaxation. Helps to heal injured tissues. Treats liver conditions. Can relieve fever symptoms, bronchitis, asthma, and lung cancer.

Purple light: Helps to relax nerves and lymphatic systems. Can treat inflammation and urinary illnesses. Helps with eye inflammation, glaucoma and eye fatigue. Can create greater dream activity and increase imagination.

4. Colour has the ability to tranquillise

An interesting study by Schauss in 1979 found that the colour pink has the ability to reduce aggressive behaviour and violence.

The calming effect of pink light had what was described as a ‘tranquillising and calming effect’ on participants within minutes of exposure. The colour was shown to suppress hostile, aggressive and anxious behaviour.

Fact: pink holding cells are now widely used to reduce violent and aggressive behaviour among prisoners!

5. Colour can help athletic performance

Chromotherapy has also been used to improve the performance of athletes. Red light has been shown to help athletes who need short, quick bursts of energy while blue light can assist in performances requiring a steadier energy output.

Lucky for you, Rigs’ infrared saunas include Chromotherapy lighting. During your next sauna session, simply ask our team to turn on the colour that best suits your needs and reap the benefits of this ancient practice as you sweat it out.

Want to experience the benefits of Chromotherapy for your mind and body? Book a 30min or 60min infrared sauna session online now.


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