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Cooper Chapman goes Ultra - 100 days before 100k's

Cooper Chapman is a former professional surfer hailing from the picturesque coastal town of Narrabeen but now is living in Palm Beach on the Gold Coast. As the host of the Good Humans Podcast, Cooper engages with guests from various walks of life, sharing their stories of resilience and kindness. Additionally, he is the founder of The Good Human Factory, a mental health organisation promoting science-backed skills such as mindfulness, gratitude, kindness, empathy, and taking responsibility.

Cooper is about to take on a different kind of challenge on May 18th: the UTA Blue Mountains 100km Ultra Marathon. After an inspirational chat with Rory Warnock, a breath work coach and fellow endurance enthusiast, during an episode of the Good Humans Podcast earlier in 2024, Cooper got hit with a crazy idea. Despite admitting that he’s not much of a runner, he decided to sign up for the UTA Blue Mountains race, just to see if he could pull it off with 100 days of training.

He dove into the world of running, picking the brains of pro runners, psychologists, nutritionists, and coaches to figure out how to do it without wiping out. Cooper's training now has him logging 70-90km weeks, with some serious recovery sessions thrown in—think compression boots, ice baths, and sauna time, all here at RIGS in Palm Beach.

You can follow his journey via his Instagram accounts @cooperchapman and @thegoodhumanfactory.


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