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Compression boots – what are they, and how can they help you?

Have you seen your favourite athletes sporting a funky-looking set of puffy boots? Chances are, they’re using NormaTec compression boots – a form of compression therapy – to help with their recovery and performance.

Read on to learn more about compression boots, and how this specialised recovery technology can help you, too.

What Is Compression Therapy?

Essentially, compression therapy is the use of pressure to increase blood flow in the legs and blood flow to the heart at the same time, supporting the veins and decreasing swelling in the process.

You may be familiar with compression stockings or socks, used for decades in the medical field to help prevent blood clots after surgery, and for other purposes like wound healing or vein problems. In fact, humans have used a form of compression therapy to help heal wounds or inflammation since ancient times!

A more recent use for compression therapy has been for athlete recovery and performance – the practice has been shown to have many benefits including reducing soreness after exercise and the risk of blood clots.

What Is NormaTec Compression?

Popular with elite and recreational athletes alike, NormaTec compression boots are a widely-used compression therapy tool. Originally developed as a medical device, the technology used in these boots was found to increase circulation and reduce muscle soreness beneficial to athletes wanting to recover quicker and perform at their best.

How Do NormaTec Compression Boots Work?

NormaTec compression boots are most commonly worn on the legs and extend from the toes right the way up to the top of the femur. Attachments for the hips are also available.

Essentially, NormaTec boots are inflatable sleeves that fill with air and squeeze the legs to increase blood flow. The pulsing mechanism mimics the naturally occurring muscle pump within our body – the sensation feels like a deep massage.

This helps to flush out depleted blood cells and move lactic acid, speeding up recovery times.

The influx of oxygen, nutrients, and proteins to the cells helps promote healing and recovery and delivers benefits like:

✔️ Reduced swelling

✔️ Improved blood flow

✔️ Improved range of motion

✔️ Decreased muscle fatigue

✔️ Increased relaxation

We recommend using compression therapy when you’re training regularly, recovering from injury or working on your feet all day.

How Can I Try Out Compression Therapy?

Convinced you need to add compression therapy to your recovery regimen? We’re not surprised.

Try out NormaTec compression boots and a range of technical recovery equipment during a session in our compression suite at Rigs Recovery – book your session now!

We recommend aiming for at least 30-45 minutes for best results.

An added bonus: our comfortable recliner chairs mean you can multi-task – bring your laptop to catch up on work, watch your favourite TV show, or take a nap while the technology works its magic!


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