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RIGS Director heads to the US

In late 2023, Rigs Recovery Director and CEO Peter Hill had the opportunity to do a study and research tour of the health, sports, lifestyle and wellness industry in the USA. The eye-opening experience led to some progressive changes to our centres on the Gold Coast, re-affirming the role Cryotherapy can play in helping us all feel good through improved metabolism, skin regeneration, sleep and inflammation reduction.


The networking with High Performance representatives from the LA Galaxy (Major League Baseball), Chicago White Sox (Major League Baseball), LA Rams (NFL) and Stanford University also provided Rigs with the opportunity to share and develop our Recovery protocols in Contrast Water Therapy that are now used by some of these organisations and their networks.


After visiting over 20 Wellness centres in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Southern California, Las Vegas and Chicago, Rigs are well placed to introduce the latest in recovery, lifestyle and health trends in 2024!


But overall what we do now know is that no-one does what Rigs Recovery does… the widest range of elite, high performance health and lifestyle techniques available to all to help our clients feel good!



Peter Hill

CEO and Director


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